Welcome to my little world of all things wax and smelly. To begin with I would just like to thank each and every one of you for browsing, purchasing and recommending my little business to your friends and family. Initially, my interest in wax melts was for personal use. However, I became consumed by the science, maths and creation of candles and wax melts. What was once a small hobby has now turned in to a fully fledged business!
I would just like to mention the scent list to you all. The most popular scents will remain repeat offenders each month. I will pop in some new scents based on holiday that are upcoming or what time of the year/ season it is! The thoughts behind this is that it will ensure your faves are available all year round but it will also let you venture in to smells you wouldn't usually!
In the next month I will be bringing in all things love orientated. With valentines day on the horizon, you will find some new scents, some new creations, and a particularly pretty box of wax that you don't want to miss out on!
Thank you all so much for reading!